Staying On the Forefront of Mental Health- Our New OCD Helmet.

An effective treatment for OCD that is quick, personalized and well-tolerated.

If you’ve been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and are currently being treated with medication or psychotherapy, Duluth TMS may offer an additional treatment option to help you achieve wellbeing.

With each therapy session lasting approximately 18 minutes, the treatment can fit easily into your schedule. The treatment has minimal side effects, and is personalized for your specific OCD symptoms.

How effective is BrainsWay OCD? In a large multicenter study, 38% of patients achieved a substantial 30% reduction in symptoms. 55% of patients achieved over 20% reduction in symptoms.

I have already tried other medications and had poor results-will BrainsWay OCD be any better? Studies have shown the treatment to be effective for patients with OCD who have failed to respond to or could not tolerate medication. Patients in the BrainsWay OCD clinical study were maintained on existing medication and psychotherapy, but many had not experienced relief until TMS treatment was provided.

Has BrainsWay OCD been tested? BrainsWay OCD uses Deep TMS technology, which has been tested in over 60 clinical studies for various indications in leading institutions worldwide. The FDA has cleared this technology for clinical use in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and it is currently available in the US, Europe, and South America.

How does the treatment work? The treatment integrates seamlessly into your routine. Prior to TMS, your physician will design a personalized protocol based on your specific OCD symptoms. During each session, you will be comfortably seated on a chair with a cushioned,air-cooled helmet placed over the head. The helmet uses magnetic fields to stimulate the targeted brain region and improve OCD symptoms. The rpocedure requires daily sessions of 18 minutes for 6 weeks. As the treatment is done in an outpatient setting with no anesthesia, and entails no systemic side effects, you can return to your normal routine after each session.

Does the treatment entail any discomfort? BrainsWay OCD is a non-invasive, outpatient procedure. Patients may experience headaches or minor pain at the site of treatment. However, these side effects are typically brief and cease after the first few sessions. Dr. Johnson will tailor the treatment parameters to minimize any discomfort.