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Why Duluth TMS is a Leading TMS Provider

March 16, 2022

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a cutting-edge treatment for people suffering from mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Duluth TMS is one of the leading providers of this treatment in the Northern Minnesota region, and we are proud to be able to provide life-changing treatment to patients right here in our backyard. This article will provide an overview of TMS, how it works, and why Duluth TMS is a leading provider of this service.

What is TMS?

TMS is a form of treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate nerve cells within the brain. This process is similar to how your doctor will use an MRI machine or CT scanner, but instead of looking for problems with the body, we're using it as a psychiatric tool to treat mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

How does TMS work?

The treatment emits magnetic pulses that are controlled by a computer. Those pulses are sent to the brain, where they cause an electrical current in nerve cells. The stimulation to these nerve cells within the brain affects neurotransmitters which are responsible for mood regulation.

Specifically, TMS targets a part of the brain called the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is a small area near the front of your skull. This is important because this area has been shown to play a role in depression and anxiety.

Who is a candidate for TMS?

The ideal candidate for TMS treatment would be an adult that has tried other forms of traditional depression treatment before without much success. This might include medication or psychotherapy, both of which have been shown to have significant limitations.

In addition, TMS treatment is great for people who might not be able to take traditional medications that come with a high risk of side effects. The side effects from TMS are generally mild and transient.  In some cases, patients may experience short-term nausea or scalp discomfort after the procedure, but these symptoms typically subside within a few hours.

What are some common TMS treatment regimens?

A typical course of treatment will typically last between 4-6 weeks with daily sessions that will last anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. While there are no guarantees, most patients will see improvement in their symptoms within 4-5 weeks of treatment.

How does Duluth TMS provide this treatment?

Duluth TMS uses the newest generation of TMS devices which are known to be safe and effective. Each patient's session is carefully monitored by a team of medical professionals, so you can rest assured that every step is being taken to keep you comfortable and at ease during your time with us.

Why is Duluth TMS The Leading Provider of TMS in Northern Minnesota?

There are several reasons why Duluth TMS is your best choice for treatment. Our staff is made up of rigorously trained clinicians who have delivered hundreds of treatments, so you can rest assured that our team has the training and experience necessary to help you get better. You will receive personalized treatment that meets your unique needs, which is impossible to find in a large hospital setting.

Duluth TMS is also equipped with the most advanced devices on the market today, and we use only FDA-approved protocols that have been shown to effectively treat depression and anxiety. We take pride in being able to offer life-changing treatment for our patients right here in Duluth, where we can offer a comfortable, safe and professional environment for you to have your TMS treatment done.

Thank you so much for reading this article! If you have any questions about TMS treatment or if you think that you or a loved one might be candidate for TMS, please contact us at (218) 481-0220 or info@duluthtms.com. You can also follow Duluth TMS on Facebook.


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