Hello and welcome to Duluth TMS’ website. I am Eric A. Johnson,  MD a psychiatrist with 25 years of experience and I moved to Duluth last year. I have a tele-psychiatry practice that serves a couple of communities in different parts Minnesota and I am excited to offer transcranial magnetic stimulation here in Duluth. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an innovative and powerful new tool available for the treatment of major depression, and OCD, and it is FDA approved to help people who don’t respond to medications.

Studies are under way in addictions, insomnia, posttraumatic stress disorder, smoking cessation and results thus far are promising. And I hope that I will be able to provide this service for these additional indications as they are approved by the FDA.

I am working with TMS Machine manufacturer BrainSway, and they provide machines capable of deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Deep TMS allows for shorter appointments than other TMS machines, and TMS is as effective as ECT, without anesthesia, confusion, or memory loss. TMS is usually well tolerated with a transient headache being the most common side effect.

When you tell us you may be interested in dTMS treatment, we will first gather information about you, your depression and your treatment history.  If we determine that dTMS may be a fit for you, you will be scheduled with me for a calibration appointment where we will set the proper power for the magnetic pulses. The treatments will be administered by one of our TMS technicians and I will be on-site for supervision. The treatment course is 20 minutes of treatment per day, five days per week for up to six weeks. Treatments are best done around the same time every day.  There is a high response rate, even among people who have not previously responded to medications.

I hope this answers any questions that you might have. Please contact us if you would like additional information.  

If you are ready to find out whether deep transcranial magnetic stimulation is for you,  call us to schedule a free screening appointment with one of our technicians.